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Totally Bio‑based Product



The peculiar characteristic of Textile is the complete verticalization of the production process, this structure allows to guarantee the standards of absolute excellence on the quality control. This is a service model built on the sartorial excellence even on small quantities and a profile of total confidentiality, fundamental to ensure to every customer true exclusivity on fabrics. Textile is an italian business reality full of excellence in the fabrics’ production, it originates from the Twenties and is always specialized in fabrics for plain and fancy coats and constantly oriented towards the stylistic research and the customization of the product.


Technical research complete the mix of ingredients

The owners’ passion, absolute freedom of the stylistic department and the ongoing technical research complete the mix of ingredients that made possible to guarantee throughout the years a reliability recognized by the most important fashion maisons.Now the company consists of 20.000 covered mq on a surface of about 35.000 mq. There are 120 workers, with an annual production of about 1 million of metres.

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