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We can provide the following services

Concept & design

Design & range building

Technical specification creation & control

Fit testing & production tooling

Production & production planning

Quality & final inspections

Order administration, packaging & labelling control

Final order control & shipping document preperation


The team have the abilities to work with you, and for you

Concept &  Design & Range building

All created designs include relevant views of the product, pattern drawings, enabling the brand to show the product to the customer, thus ensuring that the brand can produce a good prototype or sample of the product.

Technical specification creation & control

On all technical issues, our fabrics are strictly monitored from technical specifications to samples and the entire production process to ensure product performance and the appearance and texture of the samples.

Fit testing & Production

We develop and manufacture fabrics in 6 regions around the world: North China, South China, North Vietnam, Thailand, Spain and Portugal. In contrast, few suppliers can meet the needs of all our product types and customer groups.

Quality & Packaging

Samples of order confirmations for each color and style are provided to our customers before production to ensure that all items ordered by the customers do indeed meet the agreed specifications.

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